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Activities with Kids at Siem Reap’s Temples

Siem Reap is a buzz of activity and children will love the friendliness and creativeness of Cambodian people. Obviously it is known for the splendid temples built by long ago kings with a precision of modern engineering. But Siem Reap with kids is an excuse to get creative and add another dimension to the experience. Here are some ideas for pop quiz activities to do with kids in Siem Reap. Get your printer ready – you might want to take some of these along on family holiday with you.  

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Holes in the ground are the reality of travelling through the developing world, so it’s best to be prepared and know how to use one, especially if you’re taking young kids or toddlers...

Travel-Friendly Toys

When you are carting around bottles and formula or huge suitcases of clothing for multiple children, deciding which toys to pack requires forethought and cleverness. Packing poorly…

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