Wondering what toys to pack when travelling with baby? Introducing Lela, the rubber fawn, who makes the perfect travel partner for tiny tots right until the age of 18 months. Lightweight, durable and washable, Lela is ideal for families travelling with infants that need an all-round toy to keep bubba happy in any situation.

Winner of Harper’s BAZAAR Junior’s annual Toy Awards “Best Travel Toy 0-6 Months” category, Lela is made by Lässig of all natural rubber and is safe for baby as she is painted with food-safe colours. Her limbs and form make her easy for teeny tots to hold but will transition well as bubba grows making for a soothing teething accessory as well.

Best of all, Lela is travel-hardy. She can be washed in warm water and soap, she weighs almost nothing and she can be easily squashed to fit into any baby bag, no matter how full. She is big enough that she won’t disappear under the seat when dropped on the plane but small enough that she is not a burden to carry around. Her squeaky tummy is entertaining enough for babies without being annoying or distracting for surrounding adults and the shape of her ears and legs make her a useful comforter to suck whenever your little one needs distraction.

On a flight, in a travel cot or when being strolled around a city, Lela makes travel with baby so much easier. Lela is the essential must-have baby travel toy for parents and infants.

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Available from Motherswork for SG$39.95.

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