Things to do on family holidays in Fiji with kids. Fiji has long been a favourite family holiday destination for its glorious weather, tropical beaches and friendly people. And while lying on the sand all day can be pretty relaxing, sometimes kids (and parents!) just need to get out of the resort for a change of scenery and to do something different. If you are after active outdoor family holidays, here are some family travel tips for things to do in Fiji away from your hotel.

Island Hopping In Fiji With Kids

Investing in a day visiting some of the other surrounding beaches in Fiji can be a good way to feel like you’ve seen something other than your resort without requiring too much effort. Particularly if you are staying in Denaru, island hopping to places like the Mamancuna Islands or the Yasawa Islands can be the perfect day trip.

South Sea Cruises offers day cruises around the Fiji islands so that you can either visit other beaches or just choose to swim right off the boat itself.

Depending on the package you choose, this can include kids’ activities at other resort kids’ clubs, cultural visits and specialised snorkeling and wildlife swimming programs. Popular Fiji islands for families include Castaway Island and Treasure Island.

Learn to Dive in Fiji With Kids

Given the warm water temperatures and abundant sea life, Fiji can be a great place to teach your kids how to SCUBA dive. Enroling in a course at somewhere like Diveaway Fiji is a way to occupy the kids with learning a new skill that you will be able to take away with you on all your future family holidays.

SCUBA Diving With Kids

Their accredited PADI Bubblemakers course starts for kids aged 8 to 10 and teaches them the skills to dive in a safe pool environment. Kids 10 and over can do a Junior Open Water Diver certificate which allows them to go out in the open ocean.

Profile: Word’s Youngest Junior Master SCUBA Diver Charlotte Burns

Slip and Slide at an Inflatable Water Park in Fiji With Kids

If you prefer the kids to get wet while you stay on dry land, head out to the Big Bula Inflatable Waterpark. Here the kids can slide, jump and bounce on multiple giant inflatable playsets that are super fun and guaranteed to exhaust.

Some of the rides have age and or height restrictions and adults need to accompany all kids under 12. Kids aged under 5 must be closely supervised.

Visit a Wildlife Park in Fiji With Kids

Learn more about Fiji’s tropical environment by meeting some of the local animals at Kula Ecopark Fiji. Here you can walk through the animal enclosures to see birds, exotic plants, reptiles and fish right inside an enclosed forest. Kula Ecopark runs several breeding programs committed to preserving and building up indigenous animal species so this is a good chance to teach the kids a bit about conservation. (See video below.)

Kula Ecopark also hosts a Ranger For A Day program for kids aged 7 to 12 that allows children to go behind-the-scenes in the zoo, feed animals and pretend to be a real zookeeper.

Visit a Local Village in Fiji With Kids

For a relaxing afternoon on the water with the opportunity to meet some locals along the way, invest a day in exploring some of the villages along the Sigatoka River. Sigatoka River Safari takes families on half day jet boat excursions to outlying villages where you can experience a kava ceremony, sample traditional foods, witness some music and dancing and see the local dwellings.

Water Sports in Fiji With Kids

If your family loves extreme outdoor activities such as jet skiing, big game fishing, waterskiing or parasailing, Fiji is a good place to indulge. Adrenalin Fiji organises all these activities at most of the resorts on Denaru so families staying there need never leave the area. You can prebook directly on their website if you want to guarantee your activity will be available at the time that you want.

Images: Adrenalin Fiji, South Sea Cruises, Treasure Island