Hospitals, nannies, taxis and kids clubs. The lifestyle experts on the ground at Honeycombers Bali gave suitcases&strollers their must-have list of all the practicalities of travelling to Bali with kids. Print this out and keep it in your suitcase or tag this page on your iPad. From how to hire baby gear to how to hire a pool fence (a real necessity in those private villas), here the insider’s guide to the practicalities that will ensure a safe and stress-free family holiday on Indonesia’s favourite isle.  

Baby Products For Hire In Bali

Let’s face it, there’s nothing glamorous about waiting at the luggage carousel for a portacot and a booster seat so why not just hire when you get to Bali? At Bali Baby Hire you can book before arrival so everything is ready the minute you walk in.

Day-tripping, anyone? They also have English-speaking drivers with cars equipped with baby seats.

 In Bali

Calling Mary Poppins! Need a night out or want to take a long lunch without the kids? Bali Nanny is run by an Australian couple who have reliable and experienced English-speaking nannies who can entertain, feed and even swim with your kids so you can have some guilt-free time out.

Drop Off Kids Club In Bali

The Cubby House Kids Club in Seminyak has a strict no-parents policy, so wave your little ones goodbye at the door of this safe and action-filled kiddie paradise. The Cubby House is jam-packed with Lego, computers, arts and crafts, movies and, best of all, there’s a fantastic and healthy menu so you don’t have to worry about your kids running out of fuel.

Pool Fence Hire
 In Bali

So you’ve rented the villa, which is about as close to heaven as you’re ever going to get. Alas there’s nothing between your little one and the swimming pool. Fear not! Bali Pool Fence Hire will install an attractive bamboo fence with a kid-proof safety latch so you can actually relax on your holiday.

Taxis and Transport
 In Bali

Taxis are a really cheap and easy way of getting around the island. We like Blue Bird Group; they’re reliable, efficient and always go by the meter.

If you prefer a private driver, Bali Baby Hire also have cars with baby seats.

 Facilities for Kids in Bali

Bali Belly, burst appendix, sprained ankle…we know you don’t want to think about it, but it can happen on holiday. Here some great Western-standard hospitals in Bali:

·  BIMC Hospital. Open 24 hours daily.

·  International SOS Medical Clinic

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By Honeycombers Bali; Images: Helen Brown; The Cubby House Kids Club