Highlights of family holiday activities in Bagan, Myanmar. The one must-see tourist stop in Myanmar with kids is, of course, the historic town of Bagan. With its stunning temples and beautiful landscape, this part of the world has long been hidden from the rest of us – and is now waiting to be explored. Tour guide at Khiri Travel, father of three and resident of Bagan for 47 years, Min Min, gives suitcases&strollers his travel tips for the shortlist of the best to see in Bagan with kids.

Visit the Temples of Bagan With Kids

Bagan is an amazing sight with thousands of historical temples. Of course temples and children don’t go well together…many children thinks they’re boring so I make the sights interesting for kids by doing something interactive. Go and visit the temples with a guide to make the stories more interesting for parents and kids; otherwise you risk getting the feeling you’re just staring at old bricks. I tell stories about former kings and princesses, ghosts and myths of the temples.

Ideas for Activities With Kids At Siem Reap’s Temples 

The area is very quiet so it’s safe and great for kids to play around the temple area while the parents are listening to the history. Pick your own favourite temple and spend 3 hours there. Bring a good book (for the parents) and let your children explore on their own.

Guide to Bagan With Kids 

Minnanthu [is a good area] as there are hardly any tourists. The temples are less restored and it is very quiet. It’s great to play around for kids and I have found a nice spot to organise a picnic lunch for families.

Rent bikes and go around the temple areas just to discover the landscape of temples.

Check Out The Ayeyarwaddy River

My kids love the Ayeyarwaddy River.

Sometimes I take them for a boat ride on the river and we hang out on one of the sandbanks.

Yangon With Kids

Visit a Local Market in Bagan With Kids

It’s not often raining in Bagan (that’s why this area is called the dry zone), but if it rains it’s best to go to the local market in Nyaung Oo and discover what’s being sold there. You can see traditional wooden toys that are very simple but give great joy to local kids in Bagan.

Try out some of the fresh fruit drinks and local snacks.

Images: Mark Simmons of Balloons Over Bagan