If you’re looking for a travel stroller that is super lightweight and so easy to use that it can be manoeuvred and even collapsed with one hand, it’s hard to look past the newest model of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT

The most vital feature of a travel stroller is ease of use and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT certainly has that. They have incorporated Quick-Fold Technology which allows the entire stroller to collapse down neatly with just one lift of a strap. Because it is so lightweight, it can be easily steered through small spaces with just one hand too, yet is still sturdy enough to take children up to 29.5 kilograms.

Being compact also allows the City Mini GT to offer safety features such as a large SPF 50+ protection canopy that hangs over the entire seat no matter what position it is placed in. The brake is also operated by hand and there is a safety lock to ensure the stroller stays folded when you travel on planes, trains and other public transport.

But being smaller doesn’t mean the City Mini GT stroller has less versatility. In fact, you can recline the seat to any angle you choose, the stroller has a large and compact bassinet option, it is compatible with four different car capsules and comes with air rated foam wheels supported by ball bearing suspension which gives smoothness to the ride without the hassle of maintaining tyre air pressure.

Unusual for a travel stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is also stylish and its easy-to-clean fabric comes in all-occasions black or crimson and gray with the chic black frame. Plus its three-wheel design makes it easier to push across bumpy surfaces or up and down sidewalks – an essential feature of any travel stroller.

Versatile, simple yet with all the features a travelling family could need, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a critical travel accessory for any intrepid family on the move.

Available from Motherswork and Mothercare for SG$829.

This story was sponsored by The Amazing Baby Company