For one of the most spectacular – and easy – drives you will do to see once-in-a-lifetime natural scenery, head to Fjærland in Norway. Here from the side of the road you will catch a glimpse of the magnificent Bøyabreen Glacier that actually comes all the way right down into the tourist carpark. If you want see a glacier with kids, it doesn’t get any more convenient than this.

Follow the glacier all the way into the carpark and there is a cosy little café, Brævasshytta, serving basic meals that makes for a quaint lunch rest stop.

While the Norwegian fjords with kids are a remarkable experience, the sheer accessibility of Bøyabreen is what makes it so memorable if you are traveling around Norway with kids.

Here the children can play outdoors in a safe, fenced in dining area while you enjoy a meal and take in the scenery. Plus there is a toilet and even a few trinkets you can purchase.

The entire surrounding area is a picturesque and quintessentially representative of what makes the fjords of Norway such a must-do travel experience. [For more travel tips on the most famous destinations in Norway with kids, see the suitcases&strollers story about the UNESCO city made famous by the Disney movie Frozen, Bergen.]

Think glass top lakes, soaring mountains and huge big blue skies.

It is worth stopping in for an hour or two at the nearby Norsk Bremuseum (Norwegian Glacier Museum) which includes lots of interesting interactive displays explaining how glaciers are formed and how they move.

There is a 200° panoramic cinema screening scenic movies, a tunnel you can walk through to experience the sensation of being inside a glacier and be sure to look out for the magical (and highly amusing) polar bear hidden in the public toilets!

As part of Jostedalsbreen National Park (the home of Europe’s largest glacier), it is possible to drive to Nigardsbreen Glacier from here too, another worthwhile experience as Nigardsbreen has an interesting walk and boat ride and you can walk right up close to the glacier itself as well as walking on the actual glacier. 

From May to September it’s also worthwhile stopping into Bokbyen, the Book Town where there are 2.5 miles of shelves of second hand books. If you are looking for a unique memento of a family holiday to Norway with kids, check out the old banks, grocery store and stables which are filled to the brim with old books.