Whether it’s pitching a tent somewhere or an overland road trip, capturing those special holiday memories is what will allow you to relive the experience long after the kids have left home. Create your own Mother’s Day gift with these holiday memento ideas (that don’t involve personalised mugs or mouse pads), a fun way to remember you best family holidays.

Buy A Sketchbook

If your children have artistic flair, a sketchbook is a fun and creative way for them to record some of their favourite parts of the trip as they see it. It’s also a good excuse to schedule time into the holiday to stop, rest and soak up the experience – and it only costs the paper they are drawing on.

Start A Scrapbook

For the kids who don’t necessarily take to drawing, perhaps a scrapbook is a better way to go. They can paste down tickets, maps, press flowers and leaves and jot down incidents as and when the mood takes them. For tiny tots, this can be an easy hands-on activity you can do together as a family.

Buy A Polaroid 

Yes, the instant cameras are back offering direct tactile gratification and the photo album we are all think we’re going to make and never do. Plus there is the added retro cool factor of both the brand and the physical printed photos.

Download A Postcard App

Apps like postagram allow you to turn photos from your phone or computer into personalised postcards with whatever message you choose. Not only is this a fantastic way to involve the grandparents you left at home, sending postcards to your own house during opportune moments can also work as an amusing welcome home gift when traveling with kids.

Get The Kids Their Own Camera

Whether you choose a durable cheaper version for teeny tots (such as the Kid-Tough Digital Camera by Fisher-Price) or an entry level basic digital for older children, putting the kids behind the lens will help them seize the moments that interest them and let you see the world through their eyes.

Make A Photo Album

In the day of electronic photos this sounds like a lot of effort that none of us has time for, but it's definitely worth the investment. Creating an album of a favourite vacation (or vacations) means you can turn bedtime stories into a trip down memory lane instead of having to read The Gruffalo, again.

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Images: www.fisher-price.com