Here's a clever Christmas craft idea for kids. When you're on family holidays abroad during the Christmas holidays, your foreign experiences make for special and lifelong memories. But how do you incorporate that feeling of traditional Christmas cheer and tradition when you are far away from family and friends? Kate Lloyd of Laughing Kids Learn (a very cool craft blog), primary school teacher and mother of one 19-month-old shares a super chic idea with suitcases&strollers for how you can create your own makeshift Christmas tree while on family holiday (and it even looks a little glam). 

Regardless of where you and the family are traveling during the Christmas holidays there are certainly ways of making it special. With a focus on family time, why not consider making a simple Christmas tree with branches of ideas and activities that relate to Christmas and being together. 

You will need: 

  tree branch (or similar)



  scissors (optional)

  tape (optional) 

How to Make Your Christmas Activity Tree

Begin by sitting down as a family and comfortably discussing what makes Christmas so special. Make a note of what is said. It may be for religious reasons, the value of giving to others, being together and celebrating as a family, the decorations or eating so much that an afternoon nap is required (ha ha!).  

It's important that each family member has an opportunity to contribute their ideas. Interestingly you may find the responses are quite varied, especially when children's ages differ. 

With the responses in mind, begin by writing simple little tasks that you can do as a family on individual pieces of paper. You may choose to cut the paper into stars, hearts or diamonds which will act like decorations on the tree.

Of course what these tasks are will depend on where you are in the world, however, some possible family-friendly ideas you may wish to consider are:

  Watch a movie together as a family, possibly one that relates to Christmas

  Write a letter to Santa

  Discover how Christmas is/isn't celebrated at your travel destination

  Go on a night walk as a family and find coloured lights

  Learn a new Christmas carol

  Find as many words as you can using the letters in “Christmas”

  As a family, make a list of New Year resolutions

  Skype or email a close family member to wish them Merry Christmas

  Make paper chains from newspaper

  Write a Christmas story and share it with others

  Give a gift to the cleaner or staff member delivering room service

Once you have added all your tasks you can begin by completing them over whatever time period you choose. As each task is completed you may choose to remove it from the tree.

Of course being away from home can make for a very different family Christmas, however, taking the time to do a few familiar traditions and making the effort to engage in a variety of Christmas-related experiences together (from home and abroad) will make for a fabulous festive season and holiday that’s enjoyed by all.

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By Kate Lloyd of Laughing Kids Learn