Germany might not seem like an immediate choice for a memorable place to travel with kids, but once you see these amazing accommodation ideas, you might change your mind. From swinging in the trees to chilling out a la eskimo, here are some some place to stay with kids in Germany that will make your family holiday just that little bit more fun for everyone. 

Waldseilgarten-Höllschlucht, Pfronten 

A high ropes adventure park doesn’t seem a likely place to sleepover, but this may just about be the most memorable place your kids will ever lay to rest. While the park itself has loads of climbing activities, what’s perhaps most special is that you can choose to really live up with the birds by sleeping in the ropes course 6 metres off the ground. Platforms are set to make you feel as if you are suspended mid-air but you are actually able to get up and down at will. Climbing equipment, sleeping bags, stoves, helmets and all the necessary gear are all supplied. This is the best option for kids as there are toilet facilities nearby on the ground.

If that’s not thrilling enough for you, they will also set up a port-a-ledge – a device serious mountain climbers actually use on expeditions – which is a special perch literally hanging from a branch with your own private view of the gorgeous Bavarian surrounds. You are not required to have climbing experience and an instructor is on hand to run through safety instructions with you. But “private” really does mean private; the location is not on site but a drive away and there are no bathroom or toilet facilities on hand.

Obviously due to the risky nature of this experience, this is only suitable for children over 6 years of age who can obey instructions and who do not experience a fear of heights. For weather reasons, it is only open from April to November.

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The Igloo-Village, Zugspitze

Play Eskimos in the popular German ski village overlooking four different countries. Here families get to sleep inside a real igloo – even pets can come with prior arrangement. 

This is a novelty experience but the alpine conditions are real – there is no running water and no showers (but there are toilets) – so one night is normally enough of a taster. These conditions may also mean that staying at The Igloo-Village is not suitable if you have very young children who are still drinking formula and need water on hand (as temperatures are only just above freezing in the rooms).

Even if you don’t plan to ski, this is a ski village and it is obviously very chilly in the igloos, so you should be appropriately dressed. Strollers and suitcases are not advised so backpacks are best and it is cash-only once you are at the accommodation. The igloos are usually built from Christmas Day until Easter every year.

The Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, Heiligendamm

Not only is this a glamorous nod to good, old fashioned, luxury holidays, the kids club is truly a surprise – somehow they’ve managed to make it pretty chic too. While parents sip local wines overlooking the Baltic Sea in the gorgeous historical building, the children can hang out in the giant fantasy dolls’ house with its own slide right out the window.

Everything the children could want or need is provided for from pool toys to bikes, computers, specified kids’ swimming times and group activities. The club even has its own kids’ restaurant and can prepare free baby porridges for tiny tots and free fruit and drinks for older kids. If they prefer to eat with you, a special children’s buffet is also on offer in the main restaurant.

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