Free maps might work well for adult tourist attractions, but how do you know which museums, parks and other excursions are suitable for kids? These little guidebooks and maps are perfect for a family travelling with children as a pocket-sized source of ideas for how to keep teeny tots to pre-teens occupied from Paris to Hong Kong, Berlin to Singapore. (Like what you see? To win a Little Luxe Linen Box set of Little Luxe City Guides go to the bottom of this story for details.*THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED*)

Little LUXE City Guide 

Technically these are not written for kids, but for parents looking for kid-friendly activities. Where the original LUXE guides embraced all that was trendy and cool in pre-child living, Little LUXE gives a more family-friendly introduction to a city. This means that if you want your holiday to blend a few kiddie outings with some adults-only dining, for example, you will need to buy both the LUXE and Little LUXE guides for a really comprehensive round-up.  

Little LUXE is a handy, pocket-sized list of the best in kids services in each destination – including crucial babysitting, medical and emergency information useful for an English-speaking audience. It also provides practical info on reliable supermarkets and transport specific for families which many other guidebooks don’t address.

What Little LUXE misses from its adult version is the witty repartee we’ve come to love. It won’t give you as much of a giggle, but perhaps for sleep-deprived parents, this simplicity is more pragmatic.  

Little LUXE City Guides cover Bali, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Crumped City Junior 

These impossibly cute maps are perfect for kids who are just starting to understand urban planning and cartography. Like their adult predecessors, they are waterproof and designed to be scrunched up in a pocket or shoved into the bottom of a bag only to bounce back as resilient as ever.

Beautifully illustrated, they provide a summary of the major kids attractions in the city. But be warned – the maps are for children so they are extremely basic. The attractions are a listed alphabetically, so locating their correlating numbers of the maps themselves is a haphazard, Where’s Wally-type experience. (Fun for kids but maddening for adults.)

What the Crumpled City Junior does provide is a useful reference point if you are looking for specifically family-friendly activities. And if you want your children to have a more independent experience and learn a little more about where they are, this is ideal.

Crumpled City Junior covers Berlin, Amsterdam, London, New York and Paris.

An Uncle’s Guide to London


This quirky offering is amusingly cheeky list of notes and ideas for uncles, aunts, grandparents (and maybe even parents) to entertain children in England’s capital city. The map is even more abstract than the Crumpled City Junior and will only provide you with a vague notion of where the attractions are, but the text is a joy to read. It provides very apt descriptions of each attraction as well as a bit of a naughty poke at the joys and funny little oddities of a day out with small kids.

While this is obviously aimed at an adult audience, the activities are a clever combo of outdoor, museum and food-related ways to entertain the children.

The publisher has also just released the Paris En Famille guide that is not quite so cleverly written as the Uncle’s Guide but still provides some interesting ideas and a far more practical (if less pretty) map. 

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