Healthy meals for kids don’t have to disappear on family holidays. At an all inclusive family friendly accommodation like Rawa Island Resort, the children won’t be surviving on a pizza diet. Rawa has set up a very convenient buffet system for parents which means at every meal there is always plenty of homemade food prepared across a range of cuisine types as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to keep everyone happy. Here’s why, when it comes to great family holidays and mealtimes, the kids (and you) will love Rawa Island Resort.

All inclusive holidays for families completely take the stress away of mealtimes for parents, especially when everything is buffet style as it is at Rawa Island Resort. No more worrying about what to order and trying to keep track to ensure every meal is a healthy kids meal; someone does all of that for you. Rawa has a brand new Executive Chef, Azman Othman, who has been trained in Switzerland and understands the importance of healthy food for kids on family holidays. Every day it is Azman’s job to plan a menu that will cater to everyone’s needs and is a healthy balance of different options. As well as lots of kiddy favourites (such as Spaghetti Bolognaise and Beef Burgers) there are always 3 to 4 fresh fruits, salads and at least two vegetable dishes to choose from. Azman says he has never had a complaint from any fussy kids; there are always plenty of options that parents and children will enjoy.

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Family Travel Tip: A good way to encourage kids to take ownership over their own meal planning is to tell them they can decide on whatever they want from the buffet provided they select at least one fruit/vegetable, one piece of protein and then one item of their own choice. That way instead of trying to force feed your children pak choy (for example) they can choose to eat baby carrots or broccoli and you know they’ve gotten some vitamins!

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Healthy food for kids is provided throughout the day too at Rawa, even outside of meal times – there is a fruit basket at the bar that guests can access at anytime and the kitchen can also prepare travel snacks if children are still hungry.

Azman also understands that part of the family travel experience is for kids to learn about other cultures at their family holiday destination. So the food at Rawa has an appropriate slant towards using local products and ingredients to celebrate local favourites that fussy eaters can still enjoy – think dishes such as Steamed Fish, Calamari Fritters, Samosas and Fried Noodles.

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Parents (or kids) with a more adventurous palate will always have the opportunity to sample more complex flavours in menu items too such as Beef Rendang, Brinjal in Coconut Gravy and Mussels with White Wine and Lemongrass.

If you are traveling with food allergies just let Azman know and he can easily cater to your needs. Whether you or your kids are vegan, vegeterian, lactose intolerant or gluten free, the kitchen is adept enough to manage your needs.

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If you plan to travel with baby food, let Rawa know in advance. Azman’s team can make space in their fridge for you to bring baby milk or food.

If you have kids that like to eat early, Rawa can cater to this too. You can prearrange with them to serve the kids dinner earlier than the buffet start time so that by the time your food is ready, the kids are fed and happy and you can enjoy your meal in peace.

Or do as most of the other guests do and take advantage of the multiple benefits and convenience of the buffet. Since Rawa is an all inclusive family holiday, there is no need to worry about ordering and paying for food the kids won’t eat: instead, everyone can take a plate a mealtimes and choose what they want. Probably best of all, buffets bring all the guests together so that your kids will be intermingling and mixing with other families and may even make a few new friends. Which all means meal time might actually be a fun bonding experience – imagine that!

Healthy food for kids, a smorgasboard of options to choose from and a relaxed dining space where the kids can meet other kids and have fun? Family friendly holidays don’t get much better than that.

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Images: Helen Piper of Eat Good Nutrition, Rawa Island Resort, Tourism Malaysia