One of Asia’s biggest sport events is back in Hong Kong. If you’re a fan, don’t worry. The dream is not over after you have kids and the Sevens doesn’t need to be just about big boys’ boozy fun. The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is actually very child-friendly and, if your kids love sport, makes for an excellent family holiday destination in itself. Get ready. March 28 to 30 is the time to travel with the kids to Hong Kong and see some serious sport. 

The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is famed throughout the region as much for what happens off the field as on. In other words, even if you hate sport, it’s still worth getting a ticket for the sheer spectacle of the event. The games themselves are short – each half normally only lasts 7 minutes – which makes them faster and more fun for short attention spans. But it’s really the other fans that you’re paying the money for. They regularly provide their own spectacle of outlandish costumes, boisterous behaviour and general raucousness that any good major sporting event needs.

There are also specific kid-friendly events at the tournament to keep children occupied. Every morning before the professionals hit the field there are showcases for junior players to develop a love of the sport.

If the children already have their favourites, head over to the meet-and-greet corner where players will regularly come out to sign autographs for their fans.

Or if the kids really want to get into the spirit of the event, get some face painting done if the colours of your home country.

For a sports event that’s fast, exciting and in an environment that is truly international, this is hard to beat. [For more travel tips on other sports events to travel to with kids, see the suitcases&strollers story Le Tour de France with Kids]

The Practicalities

For Hong Kong residents tickets are sold via ballot. To enter the ballot or get more information click here. If you live internationally tickets must be bought through an official travel agent. You can get the list of agents and more information here

While there is wheelchair access, unless you plan to book a disabled seat, there is nowhere to put your stroller so don’t bring one with you. Toilets can get crowded so be prepared to be inventive about where you change nappies and bring snacks with you to avoid the food kiosk queues.

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