Introducing, a travel website that allows you to sightsee, shop and eat like a local and learn all the city secrets of your family travel destination. If you’ve ever found yourself in a foreign city inside another international chain restaurant, you’ll be familiar with the frustration of feeling like you aren’t really accessing the country’s authentic culture beyond the tourist trail. Withlocals is a travel website that allows you stop being a tourist and start experiencing life like a local with their comprehensive hook up service that allows you to meet a local who can show you around and give you their insider travel tips.

Whether you want them to take you around the best shops, learn some local art and craft skills or eat a locally prepared meal in someone’s home, Withlocals is a unique way for traveling families to find someone safe and on the ground who can introduce you to your travel destination in a new light.

Rather than relying on touristy travel agents, Withlocals brings a fresh perspective by setting you up with every day locals who just want to share their hometown with you. Not only does this allow you and the kids to try out something new that you would never have read about in any tourist travel guide, it also means you can hand pick the activities you want to do rather than being dictated to by a pre-prepared generic timetable. This is definitely a new way to do tours in Vietnam

For instance, if you’re visiting Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam with kids, you can opt to take a traditional pottery class or attend a fun karaoke singing session with some eager amateur crooners.

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If you want to introduce your kids to the culinary and health wonders of traditional Vietnamese flavours, then ask Hannah K’s family from Hanoi to take you on a tour of the markets selecting your ingredients before sampling all your purchases over a family meal in their home.

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What Withlocals offers are unique insights into every day life that you won’t read about in any standard travel agent brochure. Using the resources on Withlocals allows you and the kids to really experience life in a foreign destination as the people who live there do which can only make your family holiday more authentic and definitely more memorable.

As well as their multiple offerings in Vietnam, they also have locals ready to meet and greet travellers all around Asia including Cambodia, Nepal, the Philippines and Sri Lanka as well as some European destinations (the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain and France).

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