Sometimes the best way to figure out if it’s worth visiting somewhere is to see it for yourself. If you’re looking for family holiday destinations in southern Malaysia with kids, LEGOLAND Malaysia is a theme park certainly worth adding to add to the to-do list. They have just recently opened the LEGOLAND Hotel and a full LEGOLAND waterpark which now makes it’s a very viable two or three day kids holiday activity. And because of its location right on the Malaysian border, it’s one of the hottest places to visit from Singapore with kids too. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect at Johor Bahru's most popular amusement park.

From the minute you set foot at the gate of LEGOLAND Malaysia, everything is themed LEGO. Little statuettes dot the landscape including these two trying to jump the front barriers and trying to avoid buying a LEGOLAND ticket!

The best way to get your bearings is grab a map and then take the main train around the theme park. This will give you some sense of how the park fits together so you can make strategic decisions about where you want to go first.

LEGOLAND Malaysia is really all about the rides and the fantasy concept that everything can truly be made out of LEGO. Rides are geared to different ages with height restrictions and, unlike many theme parks for kids, there are some specifically for very little toddlers that don’t allow parents so you can get a few minutes’ reprieve.

While there are a few statuettes to look at as well as the Miniland area (world famous skylines built out of LEGO), there is not a whole lot to see for tiny tots who aren’t going to leave the stroller so it's worth waiting until your babies are big enough to interact and understand what's going on before taking them to the amusement park. 

Still, Miniland is quite impressive and provides a fun way for kids to learn about geography and other countries.

LEGOLAND Water Park is worth saving for an entire day to on it’s own. (Or, better still, be clever and spend mornings and afternoons at LEGOLAND Malaysia proper and the hottest middle parts of the day at the LEGOLAND Water Park.) It’s based around the typical large water play climbing and slide structure with a large overhead bucket that has become the standard in Southeast Asia. 

There are 20 waterslides, a wave pool and, most impressive, the lazy river course that runs around the park with giant pieces of floating LEGO so you can build as you bob along.

At least one night’s stay in the LEGOLAND Hotel really is a must if you want the complete LEGOLAND experience. Everything in the LEGOLAND Hotel is themed LEGO – at the check-in they even have brick play areas to entertain the children while you do the boring paperwork. Then you select the theme of room that you want – pirate, adventure or kingdom.

The LEGO theme is meticulously followed throughout the entire hotel, even in the restaurant. 

Look out for the surprise disco lifts that add even more fun to the entire experience.

The Practicalities

LEGOLAND Malaysia often has LEGOLAND deals on snack food packs in Malaysia and Singapore, discount websites like Groupon and some travel websites. Do your research before you purchase your entrance ticket. For instance, if you purchase a hotel stay there is often a two days-for-one promotion offered on the entrance tickets to both LEGOLAND Malaysia and LEGOLAND Water Park.

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Images: Joanne Pizel