Best travel stroller and suitcase for flying with kids: Mountain Buggy nano and bagrider. Flying with toddlers and travel with kids is a tricky business which is why really good quality and well considered travel products are so essential. Mountain Buggy is a brand often associated with travel with kids – in the past they’ve created strollers perfect for the great outdoors for active families moving around with children. Now they’ve come up with some of the most impressive travel products for parents with kids that we’ve seen; a brilliant solution to the travel stroller and a ride on suitcase. Here is the suitcases&strollers travel product review of the Mountain Buggy bagrider and Mountain Buggy nano.

Ride On Suitcase: Mountain Buggy bagrider

How do you travel through an airport with toddlers, babies, kids and all that luggage? Mountain Buggy has the answer – the brand new bagrider. This ride on suitcase for parents traveling with kids is really the perfect solution to meeting all your storage needs because not only does it maximise space – it also doubles up as a quasi stroller so you can push your kids along with all that luggage.

When you first look at it, the bagrider looks like any other carry on suitcase – its streamlined black design belies just how child friendly it is. Even without knowing how helpful it is for flying with kids, this is a cool looking piece of luggage.

Its hard case and clam shell structure mean you can fit a lot into one small 35 litre bag and there is a helpful divider inside so you can separate the case into different sections.

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But once you need to start moving is really when the bagrider comes into its own. Turn the super simple locking mechanism on the bag to extend out the supportive legs, tip back the case on to an angle and now you have a place for kiddo to sit.

The Mountain Buggy bagrider comes with a lightweight cushioned padding that also doubles as a child safety harness. This is easily clipped on to the handle of the Bagrider so kiddo is safely attached – and away you go.

The Mountain Buggy bagrider is so easy to use that you can even get the bigger kids to do the pushing while you handle the other bags. No more meltdowns over long commutes between the gates – once you have cleared security, just take a few moments to flip the bagrider into stroller mode and your toddler no longer has to walk anywhere.

The Mountain Buggy bagrider is such an innovative product that you may never need to travel with your stroller through an airport again. In fact, it is such a creative and clever travel product you will have people stopping you all the time to ask about it and how it works. Which offers all the more incentive for proud little toddlers to sit upright with a big smile and behave themselves.

The Mountain Buggy bagrider is suitable for travel with kids who can sit upright and weight up to 15 kilograms.

Best Travel Stroller: Mountain Buggy nano Hide and Seek Year of the Rooster Special Edition Print

Travel strollers for kids that are lightweight enough to be practical but that can withstand the rigours of flying and the great outdoors can be hard to come by. Now Mountain Buggy have created an impressive travel stroller that really combines all the needs of families traveling with kids – the Mountain Buggy nano.

At under 6 kilograms, the Mountain Buggy nano is lightweight enough for you to literally swing over your shoulder and carry around – in fact it is designed to do exactly that. When folded up, this travel stroller is a mere 54 centimetres x 31 x 51 in size which is surprisingly compact. This means you can actually carry it right onboard a plane when flying with kids and store it in the overhead locker.

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Its wheels come off and can be easily stored as well to avoid damage and it comes with a lightweight practical storage bag to avoid carrying around unwanted additional bulky accessories.

When you want to open it up, the Mountain Buggy nano goes upright in one swift and easy move – with a little practice you could potentially do this one handed. Once upright, the travel stroller has everything you need – a storage bucket underneath, safety harness and large extendable hood for sun protection.

For newborns it is also compatible with the Mountain Buggy cocoon soft shell carrycot.

As we’ve come to expect from Mountain Buggy, the steering on this travel stroller is smooth and versatile so you will not have difficulty manoeuvring this around with one arm while you hold a small suitcase or child’s hand with another. It can also negotiate tight spaces easily and has been designed to pop up and down on curbs with ease. If you have older kids, the Mountain Buggy nano is also compatible with the Mountain Buggy freerider scooter.

Not only is the Mountain Buggy nano a useful and well designed travel stroller for parents flying with kids, it also comes in a special edition print – the Hide and Seek Year of the Rooster design. This trendy metallic gold print celebrates 2017’s Chinese zodiac with a fresh and contemporary decoration that pays homage to this year’s animal, the rooster.

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