In the summertime, a perfect day trip is to go punting down The Spreewald with kids. An easy commute from Berlin via car, a day out in the countryside makes for a lazy and peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of the German capital. This is a fun way to explore the German countryside without actually having to go very far at all. 

The Destination: The Spreewald With Kids

The area around The Spreewald is famed as a farming destination. This mean pretty fields of cattle with lots of cute farmhouses and street stalls along the way selling homemade preserves, fresh and picked vegetables. This is a very local holiday destination which means English can sometimes be poor, but the experience is peaceful and not fraught with the buses full of tourists that you commonly see in Berlin proper.

Head into Burg or its surrounds and pick any of the boat companies such as Boothaus Conrad. Options vary from hiring a canoe and kayaking yourself to paying for a punt with a driver (and an Esky filled with cool drinks). If you are not familiar with the area, the latter is a good option as it is easy and common to get lost among the meandering canals and tributaries.

Once you’ve selected your timeframe and transport, sit back and relax. The waters are a still and quiet place to breathe in the fresh air and gaze at the green fields, dragonflies and a harmonious and beautiful ecosystem living all around you. If you want to extend your day, fishing is supposed to be good in the area so pick a willow tree to sit under and cast away. 

The Practicalities of The Spreewald With Kids

The punts and, particularly, the kayaks are small and sit quite low in the water so children need to have the ability to sit still for extended periods of time. What’s so gorgeous is that there is nothing to do on the water but take it all in. As such, a boat trip is likely not the right activity if your kids are very small and restless.

Although The Spreewald is noticeably cooler than Berlin in temperature, it can still be very hot particularly when you are in direct sun. Be sure to pack sun hats and sunscreen and stay hydrated. Because of the water mosquitos are also prevalent so bring repellant if you plan to cruise at sunrise or sunset. 

The Spreewald is a very short commute from Berlin. For ideas on things to do in Berlin with kids, see the suitcases&strollers story here