If your little girls can’t get enough of the blonde bombshell that is Barbie, perhaps it’s time to embrace their love of hot pink and seek out these fantasy-like experiences. Whether it’s just an afternoon in a mall to dedicating an entire island holiday to Barbie, here are some of the most memorable kids holiday ideas for Barbie fans.

Visit Barbie At Home

The Barbie Dreamhouse Experience, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Sawgrass Mills, Florida, USA

If your little ladies have always wanted a Barbie Dreamhouse, this is one huge space dedicated entirely to fulfilling that fantasy. Over 10,000 square feet (it’s 30,000 square feet in Minneapolis) visitors can explore a mega-sized version of Barbie’s home. Rifle through her massive wardrobe, take in the view from her balcony, check out her the sushi belt full of cupcakes in her kitchen and view over 350 Barbie dolls. It is all interactive so a virtual Barbie is onsite and kids are encouraged to touch and feel.

If as a parent you are not a fan of Barbie, you only need to budget about an hour to see the entire house so it is bearable. But if you always wanted to take Barbie’s famed elevator and lie in her four-poster bed, this is heaven.

If that’s not enough, you can also purchase the VIP Megastar ticket which includes a makeover and exclusive access to the Fashion Runway where you will get model training and the opportunity to try out the catwalk.

Strollers are not welcome inside the Dreamhouse.

Go On A Barbie Cruise

Barbie Premium Experience, Royal Caribbean 

Available across the entire fleet for girls ages 4 to 11, this is essentially a kids’ club onboard the Royal Caribbean cruises where everything is themed hot pink.

While the rest of the family soaks up all the other benefits of cruising, the girls can participate in Barbie fashion workshops, Barbie fashion shows, Barbie dance classes inspired by the movie Barbie In A Mermaid Tale 2 and the Staterooms come with Barbie linen and dressings. You must pre-book in advance to reserve your princess a spot.

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Book A Barbie Beach Retreat

The Barbie VIP Experience, Forte Village, Sardinia 

This resort experience caters to theming everything in your daughter’s family holiday to be Barbie. Upon arrival she will have Barbie bed sheets, toiletries and received a Barbie doll. There is a mummy-daughter spa lunch and treatment and a Barbie Fashion Academy where budding designers can make their own Barbie tees and strut the runway.

Inside the kids’ club there is also free Barbie storytelling, Barbie movie afternoons and Barbie dance sessions.

If parts of this seem fun but together it’s all a bit OTT, the resort does offer more basic packages or you can choose to purchase particular parts of the experience a la carte.

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Images: Royal Caribbean International