What are the hottest family holiday destinations among suitcases&strollers readers? Where are people going, what are they doing and where do the kids want to go on family vacation? This month suitcases&strollers turns one and and in the last year we've covered kid-friendly destinations from the Peruvian Amazon to Iceland, theme parks to beach resorts. To celebrate our first anniversary, suitcases&strollers brings you the round up of the most popular of these kid-friendly places to travel, as chosen by you. It's been an amazing journey taking you on these virtual trips around the world. We can't wait to see what the next year brings, but for now, here's the round up for 2013. 

Singapore’s Beaches

No, we’re not talking about Sentosa. (Although the entertainment there is pretty awesome and we have the scoop on that too.) What suitcases&strollers readers consistently want to know is whether they should go to Batu Batu versus Nikoi or if it’s really worth braving the border crossing to get to Rawa. Whether you are on family vacation with a stopover in Singapore and want a few days of beach and sand or you’re a Singapore resident looking for a long weekend escape, family beach vacations that don’t require a flight out of Singapore prove to be popular all year round.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Everyone has a different opinion about just how practical it is to go to Siem Reap with kids, but one thing no one is arguing about is that everyone wants to do it. How to visit Angkor Wat with kids is one of the most common travel questions we get asked at suitcases&strollers. Our answer: it all depends on how intrepid you want to be. If you’d prefer not to worry about the still developing conditions, then perhaps Siem Reap is perhaps better visited with older, school-aged kids. But we know many families who have easily travelled with babies and toddlers to Cambodia. And we’ve even met one family who went on family vacation in Siem Reap with a baby, a pre-schooler and a brave little boy with cerebral palsy. You can read about the amazing Leeks family here

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LEGOLAND, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Everyone wants to know about the new LEGOLAND hotel and waterpark in Malaysia, so last week we brought you the behind-the-scenes pictures. From a lobby full of bricks to entertain the kids while you check-in to an astonishing number of LEGO-themed rides to get you wet and wild, LEGOLAND is fast becoming the go-to destination for families in Malaysia or Singapore with kids. And whether you’re into pirates or princesses, the fact that there is a place to stay in the amusement park overnight really is the icing on the cake.

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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Catriona Rowntree, host of Getaway for 18 years, recommends it as one of her favourite family holiday destinations and so have countless other personalities who’ve appeared on suitcases&strollers. What families love about visiting the Gold Coast with kids is the combination of beaches, multiple theme parks, sunny weather and smiling faces. It’s not sexy or intrepid, but it’s easy, safe and fun – which really sounds like the perfect family vacation.  

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Kids' Pick: African Safari

Since we started out Little Globetrotter column – where we interview kids about their favourite family holiday destinations – we’ve been astounded at the consistency with which they all say one thing. They almost always want to go to on an African safari. Actually, fulfilling this dream is not as hard as you might imagine. Whether you want a private game park like River Bend Lodge that will provide car seats on the safari trucks or you a property like Jaci’s Safari Lodge that will babysit while you have some kids-free time with the wildlife, suitcases&strollers has the answers. And if those don’t work for you, we've also sourced an excellent travel agent who specialises in African adventures and will be able to organise the perfect family vacation safari for the kids. 

Image: Joanne Pizel