Trunki has launched a new ride-on suitcase for parents and teenagers. Durable enough to withstand the rigours of traveling with kids, but light enough to be easily portable, Jurni is the latest in carryon cabin luggage by Trunki. How well does it work and how does it travel with kids? Here is the suitcases&strollers review of the Jurni.

The Jurni suitcase by Trunki is a hard plastic suitcase that’s compact enough to be used as carry on luggage. Because it is plastic rather than fabric, it opens with push and press buttons.

Whilst there is a bit of a trick to using these (it’s worth practising at home before you leave rather than trying to figure this out in an airport security queue), this does ensure that it is also pretty toddler proof.

The durable hard shell will help parents rethink the usefulness of their carry on luggage because, suddenly, your bag becomes just so much more versatile. It can also act as a temporary table for colouring in or playing with figurines.

When the kids have their headsets on and you get those few quiet seconds of peace and quiet on the plane, the Jurni fits snugly under the seat to act as the perfect little footrest.

And, of course, when you are waiting around in the airport it can be sat on like a stool when there are no other spare seats. Older kids, teens and adults can also ride it by straddling your legs either side and pushing with your feet.

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Inside there is a compartment separator that can be used to either hide a secret space at the bottom of the suitcase or create a shelf to separate contents. The elastic in the flap of the suitcase also works well to hold tablets or to separate important documents.

Then stand the Jurni upright and there is another removable compartment in the top that you can either open in the suitcase itself or take out completely.

If you were a teenager or a hipster traveling without kids, you might store a book, smart phone or some of your extra cash in here.

But as a parent, it works well as a lunchbox to protect sandwiches or as a compartment to store toys with lots of small parts like LEGO.

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For a compact and well designed carry on suitcase for busy parents traveling with kids, the Jurni is certainly a worthy option.