Which is the best travel stroller to buy? The Baby Jogger City Select comes pretty close, says Singaporean realtor Amber Oh. And she should know. The mum and her husband photographer Alex Tan already own four strollers to get around with their three kids Ryan (5), James (3) and Melody (3 months) so they have some experience in what makes for a good, solid travel stroller. Amber put the Baby Jogger City Select to the test transporting their brood all over the Lion City including to a 5 kilometre family fun run in Sentosa. Here’s her verdict.

What is the Baby Jogger City Select like as a travel stroller? Can it handle all the different aspects of moving about an urban landscape?

The Baby Jogger looks and feels very sturdy. My husband and I like that it moves like a tank and glides over most surfaces easily. We brought the stroller to the supermarket, the parks, the zoo and even a fun family run at Sentosa. It could even handle sand.

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Compared to some strollers where it can become strenuous if you are out for a long time, it is very easy to push the Baby Jogger City Select. It glides smoothly and, without too much effort, I could easily change direction or make a corner with only one hand steering.

I like that it can accommodate all three of my children and still have such good space below for the diaper bag and/or shopping. There is no need to get a separate supermarket trolley unless I’m buying more than my weekly load or more than, for example, one big watermelon.

What is the best thing about the Baby Jogger City Select as a travel stroller?

The best part about this stroller is that there are so many ways you could configure it. It’s a bit like playing with LEGO! The handle is at a good height so we didn’t have to adjust it too much.

My middle child likes being in the tallest seat because he can stay close to us and I like my eldest facing his brother so they can interact while on the go. Although sometimes this means more fighting! (In the event this happens, we can just turn the seats around.)

I can have two boys on the seats at once, or three kids on the City Select if I put two on the seats and one on the glider board. I can also fit my baby and one toddler on the seat and another toddler on the glider board.

(When we brought the Baby Jogger City Select to the family run I attached the glider so that Ryan could hop on and off as he pleased. The UV sun canopy was really helpful when James wanted to nap.)

Sometimes I prefer to bring one or two instead of all three children out at once. The Baby Jogger City Select system is just a click off, clip on system to change the configuration. I was able to use the stroller frequently between the children.

How transportable is the Baby Jogger City Select? Given that it can seat so many children, is it lightweight enough for a travel stroller?

The Baby Jogger City Select folds down with one smooth action. Although it is big and spacious, surprisingly this stroller folds down very compact and flat. I am very impressed with the amount of space left after we put it in the boot of our hatchback. With the frame, 2 seats and a bassinet, there was still room left for two pieces of cabin luggage and two diaper bags.

Singapore with kids is a hot, tropical country. Did the Baby Jogger City Select adequately protect the kids from the sun and the humidity?

The City Select gives very good opaque sun protection (UPF 50+) and shade when required. It was very nice and dark when we needed it to be when we were indoors too.

It has been unusually hot in Singapore and when we were at the Sentosa fun run we expected the kids to have sweat dripping off them. But the canopy is easily collapsible which allowed the City Select to be really airy. If you are on a flat surface and don’t need to restrain the children, the City Select allows the passenger to sit up away from the seat to help them to cool off further.

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As a travel stroller, which situations does Baby Jogger City Select cope with best?

The zoo, the supermarket, the parks and even the malls. I would bring this stroller to places like Australia where parks are abundant. I recommend you should bring a separate bag to store the detachable components if you were to check the Baby Jogger City Select in at the airport.

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A mum in Singapore should get one of the Baby Jogger City Select strollers because then you’ll only need one. You can use this stroller from birth till you don’t need a stroller anymore and you can fit just one child or up to three.

Its big wheels make it easier for steering especially for long walks at parks, the zoo and the theme parks. I can imagine bringing this to Hong Kong Disneyland and surviving one whole day with it.

I love how functional and well thought out the design of this stroller is. For example, there is a pocket at the back of the stroller where you can put maps/ brochures/ boarding passes in. It is heavy duty so it can last and it is quite good value for money.

What are the top things you like about the Baby Jogger City Select better than your current stroller?

I like that the Baby Jogger City Select is a heavy duty and sturdy stroller with a good strong handle and clever engineering system of buttons, velcro, magnets and clips. The canopy has a peep window so I can still see my child with the canopy on.

The Baby Jogger City Select has big wheels making pushing it very easy and it seemed to be really comfortable for the children. There’s an adjustable footrest (in length and angle) for each seat which makes it a luxury ride for them. It’s good for me too because smaller wheels often get stuck in holes in pavements.

The Baby Jogger City Select can recline enough so that if the kids fall asleep they can nap longer. I can see how this stroller can adapt to my growing children and situations – being able to configure it in so many ways. You can even remove the wheels if you need to so that you can store the stroller better. The quality of the stroller also gives me the impression that it is a stroller that can last many years.

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Baby Jogger City Select from RRP SGD$1,099; 
Bassinet Kit RRP SGD$189; Second Seat RRP SGD$379; Car Seat Adaptors RRP SGD$119

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