Are you feeling as frustrated as we are? There’s nothing worse than arriving at a resort on a late night flight and having to wait another half hour while the hotel staff leisurely set up the cot. Or opening the mini bar to find only the teeniest capsule of UHT milk so you end up paying restaurant prices for junior’s nightcap. Well, we’ve got the ear of a major international hotel chain and they want our feedback for improving their family services. Here’s our wishlist for some of the basic services we’d love to see in hotels when we travel with kids. (And we want your opinions too. To win two fabulous Pure Poppet natural children’s play makeup product packs, go to the bottom and give us your comments. *THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED*)

·  Kids beds and cots ready at check in. If you have pre-ordered your children’s bedding, it really should be sleepable from the minute you arrive, especially if you arrive late.

·  Removable screen to separate off the room. Nothing fancy, but perhaps an Oriental-style accordion screen so that babies and toddlers can be blocked from seeing parents moving about once they are settled.

·  Guard rails available on request for the single beds for toddlers. Or alternatively put a mattress on the floor so there is no height when they roll off.

·  Mosquito nets for all kids’ beds (where relevant). If there’s mosquito netting over the main bed in the room, the kids needs it too, don’t they? 

·  Option for 2 x sets of headphones for television watching. Just because you can’t afford a suite, it doesn’t mean parents want to sit in the dark at 8pm because the kids are sleeping.Optional wireless headphones (at an extra charge) would mean parents can make full use of the entertainment on offer without disturbing sleeping children.

·  Change mats. So we don’t have to sleep with unnecessary skid marks on the bed linen.

·  Kids toilet seats. They are so cheap and they’d just make our lives so much easier.

·  Kids toiletry pack. Many hotels already provide baby bath products for kids. A couple of cheap bath toys and a plastic cup for pouring (for kids) and rinsing (for parents) wouldn’t go astray.

·  Basic express laundry service at discounted rates for children. Kids (and especially babies) churn through their clothes at multiple outfits a day. A basic express washing service would save us using the bathroom as a laundry.

·  Plastic cups and straws at the breakfast buffet. This will save us asking and you getting the same things every day.

·  Room service menu for kids. Or open up the family restaurant at 4.30pm for children’s meals only.

·  Option to babyproof. To save us all the stress when the antique vase gets broken, why not just remove it? Pre-babyproofing upon request would means parents could relax and hotels would save a hell of a lot of cash.

·  Secured car seats for transfers.  

·  Pre-arrival butler service to pre-order formula, nappies and other baby gear. Many parents would be happy to pay a bit extra if it meant they could pre-purchase ahead of time instead of filling suitcases with baby wipes.

·  Twice-daily room servicing to empty trash. Accumulated smelly nappies aren’t nice for anyone.

·  Extra milk in the mini bar. Just one litre would be more than enough. Add a plastic drinking cup and we might even buy some wine to toast to a smooth bedtime.

·  Complimentary bottle washing service. Especially in countries where it is not safe to drink the tap water.

·  Do Not Disturb us when we put up the Do Not Disturb sign. It’s not a hard one, but it can mean the difference between a happy, rested baby and a cranky one who’s been woken up.

Something we missed? Got somewhere to recommend? We want to hear your ideas too. Add your comments below and we’ll make sure the people who need to see them actually do. (The best comments will win two Pure Poppet natural play makeup product packs, perfect for kids to play dress-ups before going down to dinner. Make sure you give us your full name and email address so we can contact you if you win.) *THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED*

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