Imagine arriving at the airport to find your own personal nanny waiting to help you get the bags through check-in whose sole purpose is to entertain your child during the flight. No more missed meals or bursting bladder, but a pleasurable experience where someone else helps take care of bubs and you actually get to relax on the plane. (Maybe you'll even get to watch an entire movie!) Want to know more? Read on… 

Flying from one end of the US to the other but not sure you’ll be able to cope on your own? Nanny In The Clouds provides a unique service where they will match your flight number to other registered passengers who want a little extra cash to be earned by babysitting inflight. Find someone you like, agree to the terms and you have your own temporary nanny.

For the service to work though, you might need to be flexible with flight dates and times until you can find a flight with a nanny that suits you. (Alternatively, the site will alert you when a nanny signs up for your particular flight.) Julie Melnick, President and Founder of Nanny In The Clouds, tells suitcases&strollers how it works.

What does Nanny In The Clouds do exactly? 

We make flying easier for parents. We match mums or dads flying with young children with babysitters who are already booked on the same flight.

How long does the nanny stay with you and what does she do? 

Each situation is different and the parents and nannies work out the details on their own of where to meet and how long they will be together.

What happens when you get to the other end of your flight? Where will the nanny go?

The best part about our site is that the nannies on our site are already going to the same place as you, so you can just thank them for their time and keep in touch. If you really like your nanny and they are available to babysit during your stay, then you and the nanny can arrange to meet again and you can have a night out on your vacation while your kids stay with someone that they have already gotten to know on the flight.

Is it possible to keep the nanny for the entire holiday and bring her on the return flight too if you really like her?

Anything is possible! You can ask your nanny if this is something that she would like to do.

How much does it cost?

We currently charge US$10 to provide contact information of a nanny to a parent. Then the parent and nanny negotiate a rate for the flight (we recommend US$20 per hour).

Do I need to pay for meals and the return flight for the nanny? 

No, you are not required to pay for meals or the return flight for the nanny. Or any of the flights, for that matter.

Is there are limit on the number of children per nanny?

No but we do recommend that parents pay slightly more for more than one kid.

How do I know you will choose the right nanny for me?

We provide a platform for mums and nannies to connect. It is up to you to do your research to ensure that the nanny you hire is a good fit. We recommend a phone interview and checking their references.

Does Nanny In The Clouds operate outside North America? 

Right now, we are focused on the US but we hope to expand soon.

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