Sean Pizel (7) lives with his brothers Alex (10) and Joshua (5) in Singapore. The family travels multiple times a year and makes a particular effort to organise staycations where they rent a hotel on the island and all bunk in together for the weekend – a fun way to do a quick family holiday. He tells suitcases&strollers about travelling to places like Vietnam, Australia and Malaysia with kids…from a child’s perspective. 

Which countries have you have travelled to? 

We’ve travelled to Australia. We go there every year at Christmas. We also went to Vietnam, Malaysia, Phuket (which country is that again?) and Bintan (which I think is also Vietnam maybe?) and Monkeyland! [Sean is referring to Langkawi, Malaysia which was covered in monkeys when the Pizels went there on family vacation. The animals were so naughty they stole the family’s backpack.] We are going to Japan soon and we will see Disneyland. Woohoo.  

What do you like about travelling?

·  Learning new languages.

·  You can learn what animals other countries have.

·  I like trying some of the different food.

·  You can see what other people do, like if they put a dot on their head. 

·  I like being with all of my family and I like making new friends.

What don't you like about travelling?

When I can’t understand what they [the locals] are saying. All these kids were following us around in Vietnam and talking to me and I didn’t know what they were saying. 

Where has been your favorite place to holiday? 

I went to LEGOLAND [Malaysia] last week and I loved that. Everything is made out of LEGO and they have super fast rides. We stayed in the pirate [themed] room. It was cool. I think other kids would like it a lot! [For more on LEGOLAND Malaysia with kids see the suitcases&strollers story here.]

The other fun thing in Malaysia is horse riding and they have sailing. It's so close [to Singapore] too. You don't have to spend hours and hours on a plane (although if we are on the plane with the movies and games that is fun too).  

Are there any holidays that you've been on that you didn't like?


Is there somewhere you regularly go on holidays?

Australia! I love it because there are so many presents and my cousins are so much fun. We also get to see our grandparents and we get to play on the beach every day and we have a big backyard there with lots of bugs to catch.

Your family often goes on staycations. Why do you enjoy sleeping in a hotel for the weekend?

I love the buffet and we get to all sleep together and play all day in the pool. Sometimes there is face painting too. 

What is the best thing you've ever seen or done on holidays?

The best thing I saw was maybe a flying fish in Langkawi, Malaysia. The best thing I have done is sailing. I like looking for sharks.

If you could plan the perfect holiday for you, where would it be and what would you do? 

It would be in the North Pole and I would build a snowman and find Santa.

What are the three best things that make a great holiday for kids? 

There should be lots of nice food in the buffet, lots of places to explore and lots of kids to play with.

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