For some people, traveling with kids is not a family holiday; it is a way of life. In 2000 Pampa Zapp’s parents (Herman and Candelaria) started out on their dream to travel permanently around the globe. Pampa was born on their long journey between Argentina and Alaska. He is now 11 years old and has 3 younger siblings including his brother Tehue (8), born in Argentina. The family has traversed the world almost non-stop in their vintage Graham-Paige 1928 car from New Zealand to Asia, all over Australia and now in Zimbabwe, Africa on their way to Mozambique. Pampa and Tehue tell suitcases&strollers the best places to travel with kids round the globe…from a kid’s perspective.  

Where do you call “home”?

Pampa: Home is the car because my toys, my brothers and my room are there and I’ve been raised there most of the time.

Tehue: Home is the car because everything that I need is there. Since I was born I am in my house (the car).

Where has been your favourite place to travel?

Pampa: I have 4 favourite places.

·  Argentina because my family, cousins and aunt are there.

·  USA because my grandma and grandpa are there.

·  Australia because I made a lot of friends. There are a lot of places to go camping and [I like] the animals they have.

·  South Africa and surroundings like Namibia and Zimbabwe because it is very similar to Australia and has lots of animals.

I have 4 favourites.

·  South Africa and Australia because I made many friends.

·  Argentina because there is my favourite jam named “dulce de leche” that I love to eat.

·  Zimbabwe where my best friend Jayden is.

Where has been your least favourite place to travel?

Pampa: I don't have any place that I didn't like. I didn't like the hot, spicy, chilli food of India, but I like India.

Tehue: India because the food was too chilli and it wasn’t so clean in some places. But I liked Goa in India a lot.

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Where has been the most surprising place you’ve travelled?

Pampa: In Zimbabwe I was surprised by a National Park named Mana Pools where you can walk. There are plenty of wild animals like hippos, elephants, lions, wild dogs and giraffes. It is so nice to be able to walk and [you] don't feel like a stranger. Is like you are part of their [the animals’] lives.

Tehue: I never thought that in Africa I would make so many friends.

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What’s been the most exciting or unusual thing you’ve done on your travels?

Pampa: I loved when I went SCUBA diving in the Philippines and found a shipwreck from the Second World War. I also loved when I went flying/paragliding with a guy in Nepal. [To read more about SCUBA Diving With Kids read the suitcases&strollers story here.]

In Zambia one morning while we were camping an elephant from a big herd came to us! Curious! He was only 5 metres from us and we couldn't move because they are wild and might be dangerous. We were having breakfast. He stared at us just looking; that was scary and nice; I wish that could happen one more time.

In Australia we went to feed the salty water crocodiles on a tour from a not big boat. We put a piece of meat hanging from a fishing cane very high and far from the surface of the water. Suddenly a Huge Crocodile jumped in the air! All its body was out of the water to get the piece of meat.

Tehue: In Namibia I flew in a hot air balloon and saw animals and desert from the air.

What are the positives of being a permanent traveller?

Pampa: Making many friends all around the world.

Tehue: To meet many kids with different toys and be with my siblings all the time together.

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What are the negatives of being a permanent traveller?

Pampa: Saying goodbye to all those friends. Some I will not see again, but I hope I will.

Do you think being a permanent traveller makes you different from other kids?

Pampa: I don't feel different. Every kid has their own personality but I can see that I have many stories to tell, exciting stories, while many others don't.

Where is the one place in the world you would want to go and live if you had to permanently settle down?

Pampa: South Africa or Australia.

Tehue: I am different because I am the real Spider-Man that goes travelling with my webs everywhere in the world.

What are your top 3 recommendations for places you would tell other kids to visit?

Tehue: My recommendation to my friends is to come and travel with me to all the places.

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