Family Travel Tips Fear of Flying in Kids For many children flying on an airplane can induce fear. As soon as their seat belts are buckled, they scream uncontrollably, grab their parent's arm or hyperventilate. As a caregiver of a young child, you must determine whether your child's fear of flying is an isolated phobia or part of general anxiety your child may have. Knowing this will help you determine how you should handle the phobia. Here are 5 family travel tips to help your child overcome the fear of flying.

Expose Your Child to Flight-Related Reading Materials

Children can become afraid of things they do not understand. One way you can help your child is by reading books about airplanes with them. There are several children's books that discuss the parts of an airplane, a child's first flight and trips to the airport. After your child becomes comfortable with reading books about airplanes, you can introduce flight-related videos.

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Take Your Child to the Airport

In many cities, there are major airports and aviation fields. If you opt for an airport, park in an area where you can watch the planes take off and land. As you are watching the planes, engage your child in a conversation about planes. Going to an aviation field can be equally as valuable. Call ahead to see if you can schedule a tour of the field. Your child may be able to talk to a pilot or board and airplane.

Respond to Your Child in a Calm Manner

When your child is experiencing anxiety, it is important that you remain composed and level-headed. If you are anxious, your child will sense the fear and behave accordingly. Deal with the anxiety directly without becoming overly reassuring or condescending. 

Distract Your Child During the Flight

Pack your child's favorite electronic gadgets and snacks. These items can be used to divert your child's attention away from flying on an airplane.

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Another thing you can do is engage your child in a conversation about the flying experience. You can discuss the features of the plane, the role of the flight attendants and the pilots.

Visit a Child Psychologist

Your child's fear of flying may be deeply embedded in the mind. At this time, it is important to seek professional help to address the issue.

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