If you’re planning a summer holiday to the United Kingdom, there are some fun accommodation options in England, Ireland and Scotland to provide quick family getaways far from the standard cookie cutter hotels. Here are some ideas for kids holiday hideouts in the UK. 

The Majestic Bus
Hay-On-Wye, England

If you love the idea of a restored Bedford Panorama bus, this vintage vehicle is a fun choice. Located in the quiet fields near the Radnorshire Hills, there is a kitchen, solar power, a deck and even a wood burning stove. The wooden bath house is a little walk away but that also comes with a stove for the cooler evenings.

Caledonian Camping Coach Company, Loch Awe, Scotland 

Perched just below Kilchurn Castle, this 1950s railway carriage is like heaven for rail enthusiasts. As well as the stunning vista over the loch, an active rail line runs right behind the carriage so the children can wave to the passing passengers. (And they will nearly always get a little toot back.) Inside many of the original features have been preserved so a stay feels like a really authentic historical train travel experience. 

Cley Windmill
Cley, England

The picturesque Cley Windmill is a darling place to get back to the old English countryside. It has refreshing sea views and is located near a tiny, quaint village. Because it is actually windmill from the 1700s, some of the rooms are not suitable for infants and small children. (For instance, sound-proofing is such an issue in some of the “round rooms” they request you wear the provided ear phones to watch television.) You will need to bring your own cot and double check your bedroom has enough space to accommodate it. 

Gypsy Caravan, Somerset, England

This gorgeous gypsy caravan is literally like something out of an Enid Blyton fantasy and perfect for small families. Located in a cider apple orchard, it has appeared in the TV series of The Famous Five and is every bit as enchanting as you would expect.

Obviously all toilet and bathroom facilities are outside the caravan, but the biggest downside is that the bed really only fits a family of three. If you are still keen to stay though, there is the option for some family members to camp outside instead.

Geaglum Cottage and Gypsy Caravan, Upper Lough Earn, Ireland 

The impossibly pretty thatched Geaglum Cottage comes with a fun little twist – it’s own private gypsy caravan with a double bed. The quiet holiday spot is the perfect place if you enjoy watersports. In the winter the caravan has a stove, but if it the adventure wears thin, there’s always the convenience of the cottage that has full facilities and an open fireplace. 

Sopley Lake Yurt Camp, Hampshire, England

If you know the kids will love the idea of camping but you’re a little less enthusiastic, a yurt experience might be the answer. These Mongolian tents come with a proper bed so that you have something of a glamping experience without paying the exorbitant prices of a luxury tented camp. 

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