An entire fleet of airlines all dedicated to Hello Kitty and the other Sanrio characters? Introducing Hello Kitty Jets. It sounds surreal and gimmicky, but this is a real operational fleet of one Boeing 777ER and five Airbus 300s. Here’s suitcases&strollers’ behind-the-scenes tour of perhaps the most fun and unique way to fly with kids.

Hello Kitty Jets are not just an Asian oddity. In September last year they launched their first long haul flight and now they are operational from Taipei to Los Angeles and regionally all over Asia including Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau and China. Operated by EVA Air, this is a fascinating, if slightly bizarre, way to travel that has been specially designed with nostalgia overload to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Not a bad way to start a family holiday. 

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The experience is much more than just a cartoon image on the outside of the plane. It starts with a dedicated Hello Kitty check-in space and boarding passes.

They even distribute Hello Kitty luggage tags.

Once you board everything is themed Hello Kitty. Headrests, cushions, even the hand soap in the toilets.

Of course the service staff are all suitably Kitty-ed out in cutesy uniforms with the requisite powder pink.

And for the little ones, the food is also themed. For kids who love the super sweet cat, everything from the bread rolls to the fruit to the pasta and even the butter is a silhouette of the famous feline.

But it’s not just the kids’ meals. Check out the fish cake and the painstaking chargrilling on those vegetables!

Even the duty free shopping onboard the Boeing 777ER is limited-edition and franchised for Hello Kitty enthusiasts.

No matter how much you may want to rail against consumerism, there is no doubt Hello Kitty Jet offers up a fun and fantastical way to fly that won’t easily be forgotten. And if you have little ones who love the franchise, this may well be their favourite part of the entire family holiday. 

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