Family holiday destinations should always involve LEGO, says our little friend Levi Cuthbert. At the tender age of 5, Levi is something of a jetsetter travelling regularly to places like Bali, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand and all over Australia with his parents and sister Zoey (3). This precocious preschooler tells suitcases&strollers about his favourite family friendly holidays and what made them so great (hint: coloured bricks may have been involved).

What do you like about travelling?

Seeing snow for the first time and sliding down it on my bottom. Spending time with my cousins, friends and family. At my Papu’s in Greece the beaches have lots of rocks on sand. 

In Switzerland we got to stay near a deer park and also go to a real castle. 

It’s interesting because I like to try new food.

What don't you like about travelling?

Having to go out to places like the fish and chip place with Grandma because it was so windy and cold. I don’t like it when it’s cold unless it’s the snow and it’s sunny. Then I can make snowballs and throw them at each other like we did in Switzerland.

Where has been your favourite place to go on family holiday?

Everywhere but especially Mt Isa, Australia and Bali, Indonesia because of my friends’ and family’s LEGO I can play with. 

Also because of the new things I can do and see.  Like the beach is cleaner in Bali and Australia than Singapore [where I live]. The buildings are different too where we sleep.

My favourite thing is when I get to do new things like snorkeling or seeing the snow. I can’t do these in Singapore.

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Are there any family holidays that you've been on that you didn't like?


Is there somewhere you regularly go on family holidays?

Australia. We get to see new beaches and animals like wallabies, echidnas and emus. We drive in our car a very long way (from Sydney to Brisbane) and visit people along the way.

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What is the best thing you've ever seen or done on holidays?

Everything has always been really, really awesome.

What is the worst thing you've ever seen or done on holidays?

I don’t like having to sit in the car for so long when we have to drive places.

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Where is the one place in the world you haven't been to that you would like to go?

Korea to see what it’s like because my uncle is Korean and some of the boys I go to school with come from there and I would like to know more about their country.

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What do you think you get out of travelling that you don't get when you stay at home? 

We stay in different houses and I don’t have to go to school when I’m away.

I get to try new foods – I don’t always like them though. 

I get to go on adventures like snorkeling on a boat to an island with a coral reef. I saw lots of fish and coral that were very colourful. I saw Nemo and I want to go again.

If you could plan the perfect family holiday for you, where would it be and what would you do? 

I would go to every single country I have been to again so I could see my friends and family again and to Korea to see where my uncle and school mates come from.

What are the three best things that make a great family holiday for kids? 

The beach because we can build castles that get knocked down by waves and I can surf. We don’t get surf in Singapore.

Playing with new LEGO and playing with my family. 

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