Interview with IMC paediatrician Dr Claire Rebentrost in Singapore. As a New Zealander based in Singapore, Claire has been all over the globe to about 20 countries including Samoa, Czech Republic, Australia, Majorca and the USA. An International Medical Clinic Singapore resident doctor, these days she travels three to four times a year around Asia and beyond with her two kids Oscar (4) and Hugo (2). She tells suitcases&strollers her family travel tips for traveling with young kids.

Before you had kids, where was your favourite destination to travel to?

I have a few favourites, each for their own special reason. I like France and Italy for the wonderful food and wine; Vanuatu for the diving; Whistler for the skiing and New Zealand for the nature, wine and food.

How has travel changed for you since having kids?

Travel has increased my organisational skills (I pack like a pro!) and now, with kids, our holidays are more leisurely and we have plenty of sight seeing.  We have become expert playground hunters and we also now carry backpacks with the children in them! 

What do kids get out of travelling that they don’t get from staying at home?

The experiences of different cultures: the way they live, eat and celebrate life.

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Do you have a regular family holiday destination?

New Zealand. We return every one to two years. It’s wonderful and relaxing and, of course, most importantly being with family.

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Where is the one place in the world that you want to take your kids for family holiday that they haven’t been? 

Disneyland. I can imagine they will love it and I am sure my husband and I will think its pretty fabulous too! Particularly due to the joy and excitement it will give the kids.

Why Disneyland? 

Where is the one place in the world that you want to go to that you haven’t been?

Machu Picchu, the wonderful history, it just seems like such a special place.  We will wait until the kids get bigger and can carry themselves! 

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What are your top 3 tips for planning a successful and memorable family holiday?

1.  Use Airbnb for accommodation. It’s fantastic to be in a house fully kitted out for children and cooking, rather than the limitations of a hotel room.  

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2.  Night flights for long trips. The kids sleep…generally.

3.  Backpacks for transporting the children in when they are small. They have been wonderful for us; our mobility is no longer hindered; no pushing strollers along bumpy cobbled roads whilst dodging cars!

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